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Product Video

As an example of our product videos, we give you the Award winning 'Waltzing Bed'.  Additional modules for this project (on the product website) were created as standalone clips to demonstrate individual features.

Training Video

Down-to-earth explanations and examples are a great help in training, be it your own new staff or your clients.  The training module below explains hydraulic systems and their necessary filtration.  The project included 30 modules with over 400 minutes running time.  And it was translated and dubbed into a total of nine languages.

Corporate Marketing Video

Whatever corporate video styles you prefer, everyone loves to hear a story well told.  Here are excerpts from a longer video for an international client.

Expo Video

Expositions and conventions can be an awesome opportunity for your brand.  An Expo video can help you capitalize on that by sharing your brand and your latest products with the crowd.  This production for a mining show was prepared together with one of our production partners.

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